Surface Transportation
Ichiqoo operates on a home-to-home concept. Flight bookings are complemented by surface transportation that are necessary to take you from home and back.
Outside of the Asian countries served by ichiqoo, we attempt to provide information that will help a customer to plan, budget for and make decisions on his itinerary.
Within the countries serviced by ichiqoo, we attempt to provide you with detailed information and where possible booking facilities. Many destinations in Asia do not have an online information system or online booking facility. In such places, ichiqoo attempts to provide you a reservation system which is followed by a manual process initiated by ichiqoo to confirm your booking. In such instances an 'in-principle' booking is accepted with a pre-fixed processing time. Confirmed bookings are automatically added to your itinerary. In the event a booking is unsuccessful, ichiqoo undertakes and limits its liability to refund the cost of that specific booking or find you an alternative where possible and recommend alternate modes of transportation.