We at Ichiqoo, are careful in choosing our hotel partners. We have handpicked our partner properties after visiting them in person. It is our genuine attempt to provide our customers an assurance that when you choose to book a stay with the accommodation listed as our preferred partners, there is a minimum guarantee on the quality of the room and services you shall get. However, these properties are neither owned nor operated by us. Therefore despite our best intentions it may be that the facilities and services may at times fall short of expectations. In such instances Ichiqoo shall not be held liable to this shortfall, explicitly or implicitly and shall not be accountable for damages to you as monetary or other compensations. It is our guarantee that any complaints shall be taken up with the relevant service provider and if need be removed from our partner list.
We have negotiated the room rates with our partners. The prices you find on our site for our partner properties are competitive and with no hidden costs. We also list meta-search results trawled from third party sources to allow our customers to compare the costs and choose wisely. Ichiqoo will provide you with booking facility to any of the properties regardless of the fact whether they are listed as our partner or represented from a third party agent. However, booking on the meta-search listing may not provide you all the ancillary services that ichiqoo offer.
Hotels connect to our back end to update availability and rate parity either as an online real time service or as a manual update. Ichiqoo in its attempt to promote independently owned properties have signed up with a substantial number of properties who do not have the technology to update their information on a real time basis.