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With great Market Insight, Modern Technology and focussed Marketing efforts, Ichiqoo will bring relevant customers to you. We are Asia focussed, we are from Asia and we have a strong desire to promote Asia to the rest of the world. Having understood the gap in travel, Ichiqoo works on a home-to-home principle with an aim to make travel easy and hassle-free for anyone and everyone. We educate, guide and facilitate travel planning and booking on one platform. Partner with us and increase your travel bookings!
why ichiqoo?
Because we don’t just do business. We build relationships that lasts.
Here are 6 reasons why you should list with Ichiqoo.
Destination Specific
We focus on Asia. We are Asians and are proud of the land we belong to. Unlike other OTA’s that promote destinations worldwide, Ichiqoo works tirelessly to promote the region we are from – the region you are from.
Selective Partnership
We stand for the best of Asia and want to bring the world to Asia. Ichiqoo lists only carefully chosen independently owned properties. By partnering with Ichiqoo, you don’t just list your property. You become part of a bigger network while maintaining your individuality.
Prioritised Listing
Your property will be listed as our recommendation alongside a metasearch listing of other leading OTAs on the same page. So it’s naturally highlighted upon search results. And if you have listed with others, then your property will come up multiple times which simply mean increased awareness and more chances of booking.
Targeted Marketing
Ichiqoo is an intelligent portal that works on customer psychographics. This means, we can target and get the right kind of customers to your property. Be it off season or on, you will always be on top.
Unique Scout Network
We talk to you in person, directly. Our scouts are your locals who you can contact for any assistance you may need from us. From phone calls to handshakes, our effort is to know you beyond a contract so we can serve you better. Let’s get personal!
We believe in transparency. It's free to list your property with us. No hidden charges or registration fees. That means stress-free cash flows for you.
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