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  • How can I make a booking using Ichiqoo?
    Ichiqoo is essentially a trip planner that allows you to plan your trip from home back to home. During your planning, you can book your flights, hotels, ground transportation and activities or even buy something made locally from the country you are planning to visit.
    During your trip planning process, you can shortlist anything that interests you and come back to buy it later.Alternately, you could also purchase tickets or hotels for one leg for your journey. You have the choice to pick the option that’s easy for you.
    Please note that flights cannot be added to your itinerary without booking due to availability issues. As for the rest, book it now or later.
  • What are the different ways to search in Ichiqoo?
    'You can search for flights and surface transportation using the fastest, greenest or the cheapest option. Use the filter option on top of the screen, in the middle section. You can also select hotels based on type, cost and rating.
  • I want to plan a multi destination trip. Is it possible?
    Yes, very much. Just keep adding destinations to your trail and choose the flight, hotel and activity you want to do. book as you go!
  • What is a travel docket?
    Travel docket is where you can store all your travel information. We also add local information, safety, destination details, do’s and don’t’s etc. for you to make your travel special. This facility is only available to trips planned to Sri Lanka now. However we are working on other destinations and will update you shortly.
  • Can I plan my trail with family/friends?
    We understand the importance and joy of planning a trip with family/friends. Working on it. Will bring to you soon!
  • Does ichiqoo help me in my trip planning?
    We would like to be your travel buddy and help you plan your trip from start to finish. At every junction, we will prompt on the places you need to go to, or the things you must see. It’s just like going to a travel agent and sitting across the desk and getting recommendations. Here, we do it online! Just add them to your trail and keep planning.
  • What kind of information can I get on Ichiqoo?
    We pride ourselves in being an information rich portal. During your trip planning stage, we provide you with snippets of information about the destination you are planning to go. We are starting with Sri Lanka now and will tell you what you can do in every nook and corner of Sri Lanka. We are growing and will be able to provide similar information for the rest of Asia soon.
  • What does Ichiqoo mean?
    Ichiqoo is a name we coined. For us, Ichiqoo means ‘way of life’. It sounds Asian, young and peppy and that’s what we are all about. We take pride of our land and the people. We want the world to come and see the Real Asia – its people.
  • What does the booking include?
    The rate shown on the website does not include tax and service charges in most cases. If taxes are included it will be explicitly stated. Breakfast is not complimentary unless its mentioned. You can refer to the terms and condition under each listing. Extra bed and mini bar usage shall be additional. However, the grand total towards the end of your booking while you pay will include service charges and taxes. Price shown for flights may vary when you proceed to make payment.
  • What if there is no record of my booking at the hotel or with the taxi service I have booked?
    All bookings are confirmed once payment is made. In case your booking details go missing, please get in touch with us immediately.
  • I have booked a trail using Ichiqoo but have not received any confirmation?
    In case you don’t hear from us within 24 hours of your booking, please write to us at support@ichiqoo.com or call us at our contact numbers (Monday through Fridays 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM GMT+8) and we will help you sort your booking. We shall get back to you shortly.
  • I have booked a hotel with Ichiqoo but when I reached the room was not available?
    We are sorry to hear about that. We try and ensure all your bookings are confirmed. Such things don’t happen with us usually and in case you have encountered an issue of this sort, please write to us and we will look into to ASAP.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancellation policy is based on the flight or the hotel you are booking. The cancellation policy for flights depends on the airline, the sector, fare structure and time of cancellation. Each hotel has a different cancellation policy. Please refer to the terms and conditions/policy listed before you confirm your booking for flights, hotels or ground transportation.
    Some bookings are non-refundable. Certain hotels in our listing do not allow cancellation within 45 days of your stay. During such case you shall lose the entire payment made. If the cancellation falls within the refundable period, we shall transfer your amount within two weeks’ time.
    Go to your travel docket to manage your booking.
  • What if there is no record of my booking at the hotel or with the taxi service I have booked?
    All bookings are confirmed once payment is made. In case your booking details go missing, please get in touch with us immediately.
  • How do I get in touch with the hotel on queries before booking?
    If you have questions, please refer to the hotel policy under your selection. If you are unable to find an answer, you can write to support@ichiqoo.com. We shall get back to you with a suitable reply
  • Can I do a booking for tonight using Ichiqoo website?
    Unfortunately, you can do your booking only from two days of your search date. We will however, send you a confirmation of your booking within 30 minutes. Sometimes, the hotels you wish to stay may not have a live booking system and the delay from the hotel to update their availability to our backend may lead to non-availability of your room after you have booked. During such cases, we shall send you an email to select other options within 48 hours.
  • What is the difference between a double room & a twin room?
    Double room has one double bed and a twin room has two single beds.
  • How do I see the hotel information?
    Once you click on the select button of the hotel listing, you will be able to see the photographs, location, videos, room types, price, facilities and hotel policy. You have a choice to add the hotel to your trail and continue planning your trip. Or simply close the window and continue looking for other hotel choices listed by us.
  • Can I get extra bed in my room?
    Sure you can. Refer to the hotel policy under your booking. There is will be additional charge and it varies from hotel to hotel.
  • Why is there more than one rate for the same room type?
    ‘Ichiqoo recommended’ hotels and ‘Others’ may have the same hotel listing. Prices vary dues to different promotions being offered by the hotel.
  • Are room rates per room or per person?
    The rates displayed are for the room usually. In case the rate is for single occupancy,it shall be explicitly stated.
  • I would like to check in early/ checkout late. Can I request the hotel for the same?
    Yes you can. During your booking, please specify your requirements. When you receive your confirmation email, we will confirm your request. You can also call our local scout at Sri Lanka if that is your destination, in case you have any trouble.Early check in and late check out is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Additional costs may be incurred.
  • I have booked a trail for multiple destinations but want to cancel only one hotel. Is it possible?
    Yes you can. When you cancel, that leg will be shown as incomplete in your trail planning. You have the choice to rebook a new stay or leave it empty if you intend to stay with friends/ family.
  • Where can I find the address of the hotel I booked?
    The address along with trail details, do’s and don’ts, few words in the local language, map of your trip and other valuable information shall be added to your travel docket which you can access during your travel. This facility is only available to trips planned to Sri Lanka now. However we are working on other destinations and will update you shortly.
  • What are the payment terms for Ichiqoo?
    We collect the entire payment upfront. This helps us confirm bookings with the hotels or service providers we have partnered with. In the eve of cancellation, based on the cancellation policy, your money shall be refunded within two weeks’ time.
  • Does Ichiqoo offer special discounts? Do you accept any loyalty card?
    For the benefit of the customer, we have negotiated with hotels and service providers to get the best possible rate. Therefore, we will not be able to extend further discounts.
  • Do I pay full amount for my children?
    The amount payment for children is based on the rules and regulations provided by the airlines and hotel. Please refer to the policy listed under your selection and proceed with your booking
  • Do you need my credit card information?
    A valid credit card is needed to confirm your booking. You can either use your card or someone else’s card, as long as you have the permission to do so.
  • What are the credit cards you accept for payment?
    You can use a MasterCard or a Visa to complete your payment on Ichiqoo
  • Are my credit card details safe?
    We do not store your credit card details. The card is only used for processing of the payment. However, if you have booked a hotel from our partners, your credit card details shall be taken by them for confirmation.
  • How do I know my booking is confirmed?
    Ichiqoo shall send you an email with a confirmation of your booking within 30 minutes.In case of bookings that are not available in real time, we will notify you within 30 minutes and confirm your booking within 24 hours.
  • I see the carbon footprint I will ensue and u have an option to offset it. Where does this money go?
    We believe even one person can make a difference and every small step can reduce the carbon footprint on earth. We have options for your to offset your footprint by contributing to local communities in Asia.
  • I haven’t received my refund?
    We are sorry to hear that. Please write to support@ichiqoo.com and we shall get back to you soon
  • Can I write reviews?
    We would love to hear from you on your experience using Ichiqoo as your travel partner. If you have enjoyed your stay in a specific hotel or happy with the taxi service or overall delighted about using our portal for your travel booking, please write to us.
    We take your feedback seriously. If there is something you are unhappy about, we would like to know. We shall strive to make your trip a memorable one.
    You can choose to reveal your name or stay anonymous, that’s your choice.
    Write to us at info@ichiqoo.com with the subject "My Experience".
  • I don’t see my reviews being published?
    All reviews are being checked for obscene, offensive and/or pornographic content before it is published on our website. It will be updated soon.
  • Can I Book a flight for one way?
    Yes you can, but please note that the trail you are planning will show a break.
  • Can I filter my flight search on price?
    You have an option to search flights based on price, carbon footprint and distance and refundable options
  • What is a direct flight?
    A direct flight is either non-stop or has intermediate stops without a change of aircraft. The length of the journey is short compared to non-direct flights
  • What is an indirect flight?
    An indirect flight has a stopover(s) before you reach you destination. This could also involve a change in aircraft
  • How can I determine airline availability & scheduling?
    Please select the destination you intend to go to, and check the flight section on top, middle section. You can search for different flights, check on departure times & arrival times and book.
  • Can I book a special meal using Ichiqoo?
    Yes. You can place a request for your special meal during the booking.
  • How do I get the e-ticket of my booking?
    The moment you have confirmed your booking, Ichiqoo will save the ticket along with other travel information in your travel docket. You can access it anytime.
  • How much baggage can I carry?
    Baggage allowance is based on the flight you book. Please check the policy section before you place your booking to know your flight allowance.
  • What if I want to change my flight reservation?
    Please write to support@ichiqoo.com and we shall get back to you within 48 hours.