ichiqoo is an easy, simple to use, home-to-home trip planner that promotes Asia, for its people.
With ichiqoo your travel begins even before you step out. Our circle of friends are locals who know the gorges, peaks, beaches and plains of their land. We show you exciting trails, best street eats and cheap buys. We pick the best beds for how well they are kept. We recommend them to you for that best value-for-your-money options.
But all this mean that we are on the ground, scouting every day. It takes time to choose the best. So this year we bring you our beautiful island of Sri Lanka. From the wilderness of Yala to the beaches of Galle we bring you the cheapest cleanest, fastest, 'fun'est options you have, to stay or to travel.
see Asia differently
  • our vision
  • ichiqoo will be the most sought-after value travel service provider in Asia and beyond.
  • our mission

  • ichiqoo will anticipate and promote the travel needs of the socially and environmentally conscious explorer, engaging his curiosity and intellect whilst giving back to society.